For those unfamiliar with the name Brightly, we’d like to share a bit about them today as a thank you for their efforts in sponsoring our upcoming Gala of Good Deeds event at Long Road Distillery on February 10th (details here).

Larry Faragalli, CEO of Brightly, shared a bit about the company and their charitable endeavors.

To the uninitiated, who is Brightly and what do you do?

Brightly is a digital agency that partners with business stakeholders and product owners to create engaging, transformative digital experiences for software, web, and mobile—digital experiences that will grow your business.

What other charities and events do you/have you worked with?

Over the years Brightly has supported many charities that center around helping families, at risk populations, and the arts.

How do you decide what charities and events are a good fit for Brightly?

Brightly chooses to support charities that take direct action to support struggling people, families, and artists.

If someone wanted to learn more about Brightly, where can they find the latest and greatest news and information?

By going to our website or, for the freshest news, dropping us a line at and starting a conversation!

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